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Use functional movement and postural stability exercises to increase your income by 5x's

Genesis of Kinecktion


All throughout my life as an athlete and as a doctor I always believed exercise was the key.   The problem with most gyms and personal trainer programs is there is not a system that allows the trainer to teach  client  the 'why' behind their fitness program.

What I have done for the fitness professional is created a system that allows them to communicate to their clients and to sell them more sessions.

Our system will also assist the fitness pro to grab the client that feels like they are too hurt to train.  This group of clients is being misinformed and lead astray by the medical world.

I guarantee the Kinecktion system will help you get more referrals and build better long term clients that pay upfront.   

The Kinecktion Way

The Importance of Day 1

What gets measured gets managed.  The goal of Day 1 is for you to discover how you can help your clients improve their lives.  We do this by evaluating each client individually.

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Functional Movement

 Functional movements are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics. They usually involve multi-planar, multi-joint movements which place demand on the body's core musculature and BALANCE.

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Communicate and Execute

Our philosophy at Kinecktion is to teach the personal trainers how to build stronger posture and core for their clients.  This is done through proper postural and movement assessments.  Then communicating to the client their needs to exercise harder and longer.

What You will get from Kinecktion

One on One Consulting

I have simplified Kinecktion with the intention of being able to work directly with each gym or personal trainer.  You will receive two manuals to help guide you.  The first manual is the 'why' behind Kinecktion assessment process.   The second manual is the logistical info to run the program.  I believe this allows me to clearly define Kinecktion for you.

Day 1 Procedures

Your business will be given all the information you will ever need to begin a new client.  We will go over each step from opening phone call to scheduling the program you will build.

Day 2 -Kineck to Your Clients

To create peak performance of your program you need to communicate one on one with each client.  I will  provide you the links from the assessments to the exercises.  I will work with you to communciate like a professional. 

Functional Movement Principles and Exercises

You and your business will be trained on how to perform a simple movement assessment.  I will send a file of all the exercises you will ever need to run your business.  You will be given a 6 month exercise template.  This will allow you to monitor your clients and to contiually challenge them.  More importantly, I will teach the 'why' behind functional movement principles.

Postural Assessment

The postural assessment is key to kineckting you to the client that is afraid of getting hurt or already hurt.  I will teach you and your business how to evaluate, measure and communicate structural limitations to your clients.  The end result will be you will train more clients and you will receive more income for it.

Handling Objections

As you may or may not already know, the key to  a strong business is communication.  The key to the communication is handling objections.   We will go over the psychology behind getting new clients into your business.

The Kinecktion Goals for Your Office

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Day 2 - The Sitdown

Our data says that the fitness professional that communicates the assessments gathered on the first day is a more efficient business both financially and in terms of client performance.  

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The Best Offense is a GREAT DEFENSE

So many fitness coaches are fixated on just the training and programming.  One of the pillars of our business is to teach you how to evaluate and improve your bottom line by streamlining your business.   

Getting Started Today

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