How to run a movement based Chiropractic Office

Learn to run your chiropractic office with Alignment and Movement as your guide, just as BJ did.

Genesis of Kinecktion


All throughout my life as an athlete and as a doctor I always believed exercise was the key. As I treated more and more patients in my chiropractic office my belief in chiropractic kept escalating.  As a person I have always been someone who is not satisfied easily and as a doctor that meant I was on a constant search for improving my own practice. In the search I was mentored by many  different practice management coaches. All of them I learned something from but none of them knew the movement aspect.  About half way through my career I became involved in a large chiropractic franchise that blended chiropractic and exercise. I was thrilled to meet like-minded doctors, but soon I felt my office and our exercises were much more advanced and efficient. I even presented them my program hoping that they would buy it and I would coach their other offices.  It did not happen.  I was then on the search again. That is when the word “Kinecktion” came to me in my sleep. Kine means to move in Latin and the Neck part refers to chiropractic adjustments.  I believe the Neck part showed it self because around this time I had recently read a study from the Mayo clinic regarding forward head posture I was convinced the key to alignment was to put the head in the right position.  Ironically at this time my office did not have a name per say and weirdly I had never named my office. The story behind that is long and let’s just says that I was stoked to finally be running an office that the name had a strong significance at least to me.  

I truly believe that the system that I created with the help of many others especially the patients that were my guinea pigs is second to none when it comes to evaluating, communicating and executing a movement based chiropractic program.   

The Kinecktion Way

The Importance of Day 1

What gets measured gets managed.  The goal of Day 1 is for you and your office to discover how you can help your patients improve their lives.  We do this by evaluating what we can correct.

Functional Movement

 Functional movements are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics. They usually involve multi-planar, multi-joint movements which place demand on the body's core musculature and innervation.

Smart Chiropractic

Our philosophy at Kinecktion is simple correct the misalignments in the spine.  This is done through proper postural assessment and applying your technique to correct the misalignment.

What You will get from Kinecktion

One on One Consulting

I have simplified Kinecktion with the intention of being able to work directly with each doctor and their office.  You will receive two manuals to help guide you.  The first manual is the 'why' behind Kinecktion.   The second manual is the logistical info to run the program.  I believe this allows me to clearly define Kinecktion for you.

Day 1 Procedures

Your office will be given all the information you will ever need to begin a new patient.  We will go over each step from opening phone call to scheduling Day 2 (ROF).

Day 2 -Report of Findings aka "Work Left to Right"

To create peak performance of your office you need to work everyday to master the ROF.  I will  provide you the links from the findings to the exercises.  I will work with you to understand the 

Functional Movement Principles and Exercises

You and your office will be trained on how to perform a simple movement assessment and  sent a file of all the exercises you will ever need to run your office.  You will be given a 6 month exercise template to follow for the injuries you will treat.  More importantly, I will teach the 'why' behind functional movement principles.

Postural Assessment

The postural assessment is key to incorporating the use of chiropractic.  I will teach you and your office how to evaluate, measure and communicate misalignment  to your patients.  The end result will be you will adjust more patients, but with fewer moves.  In essence see more people do less physical work.

Case Management/Handling Objections

As you may already know, the key to case management is communication and understanding the case.  The key to the communication component is handling objections.   The key to case management is evaluating all the parameters of each case.  

The Kinecktion Goals for Your Office

Report of Finding

Our data says that the chiropractic office that uses a Day 2 Report of Finding is a more efficient business both financially and in terms of care performance.  

Personal Injury Case Management

Personal Injury or PI still works.  This is the only insurance based cases worth using marketing time and energy.  My goal is to teach you how to run your cases to ensure highest possible outcome.  

The Best Offense is a GREAT DEFENSE

So many chiropractic coaches are fixated on helping you make a million bucks.  One of the pillars of our business is to teach you how to evaluate and improve your bottom line by spending appropriately.   

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